“Can a girl just get some good ‘D’ with no complications?” – Toke Makinwa laments

Popular media personality, Toke Makinwa has lamented bitterly over the difficulty in finding a good man without complications.

Toke questioned why men always have one or more baggage attached to them. According to her, it is either the man is ugly, has baby mama issues, fighting financial or spiritual demons, married or unsure of his relationship.

The entrepreneur, who appears have had enough of those kind of men, prayed for God’s intervention.

She tweeted;

“Can a girl just get some good “D” with no complications, likeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Three always has to be one nut unscrewed yhoooooo.

If he ain’t ugly, got some baby mama drama, fighting some financial demons, spiritual too. Married or unsure of his status, (he might be single but someone somewhere is dating him), there has to be some unfinished business!!! Fix it Lord

Once you hear “it’s complicated” after you’ve asked a question, your head starts spinning into different directions, like nobody wants to inherit your complications, can I just find a unicorn”

See her tweets below,


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