We suffered rejection, shame before stardom – Black Camaru, Emini Oba (Video)

Internet sensations cum skit-makers, Black Camaru and Emini Oba have revealed that their rise to stardom is a big surprise to them.

The duo gained fame through their preacher-translator skits, where Emini Oba acts as a cleric preaching in Yoruba language and Camaru as the translator attempting to translate the words to English.

Speaking in an interview with The Punch, Black Camaru alongside his skit partner, Emini Oba talked about their experiences in life and how they ended up as skit makers.

Black Camaru, real name Kamarudeen Yusuf, disclosed that he comes from a polygamous family and his mother happens to be the third wife of his dad.

Black Camaru

He also expressed his excitement in regards to Wizkid uploading a picture of him on his instastory.

”My name is Kamarudeen Yusuf. I came from a polygamous family and my home was not peaceful. My Dad married four wives and my mother was the third”, He said.

Emini Oba

Emini Oba on the other hand went into details on how they were rejected and couldn’t make it as musicians and the eventual switch to comedy.

Watch the full interview below:

We Suffered Rejection, Shame Before Stardom -- Trending Instagram comedian, Black Camaru, Emini Oba

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