Man disappears after receiving bride price list of N2.5 million

A man looking to settle down has reportedly canceled his marriage plans after receiving the bride price list from his future in-laws.

He had gone to do the introductory rites and was given a bride price list containing items worth almost 2.5 million naira.

On seeing the outrageous list, the man decided to go off the radar as he never returned and his girlfriend or her family have not seen him since that day.

A Twitter user @TheTawah_, who is also a friend to the affected man, shared the story on social media.

He shared;

”They gave my friend bride price list of almost ₦2.5m since last year , they haven’t seen my guy till now.”

View his post:

PetersEdidiong; Most time its bants at least where I’m from (Akwa-Ibom). We say “marriage is a debt that cannot be paid in one day, one is forever indebted” It basically has to do with d grooms family showing respect and regard for them. You might even end up not paying half of their demands.

@NwanyiNkwobi; They cant try it with me. I wee go and catch belle with the man… How can they want to suffer my marriage. In fact na ejima belle sef. Do court marriage and whenever una ready, una go call us.

@jibolababs; I once fell in love with a beautiful imo state lady but the day I realised she came from Mbaise local govt of imo State,I walked away without looking back..I am still walking forward till date..!

@IpuoleJoseph1; Why they go see am. Even if you wan sell your child sef you no go bill the man like that. Ladies better start talking to your parents o before men go the treat una anyhow for house. I’m sure things like this contribute to Domestic violence

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