Invest in your brain not your hair – Reno Omokri advises bone straight enthusiasts

Nigerian author and social media critic, Reno Omokri, has advised girls against spending huge sums of mony on their hairs.

According to him, it is more profitable and sensible to invest in ones character and intellectual development than on material things like bone straight hair.


Omokri spoke on how Nigerian born WTO director-general, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala hardly spends ridiculous amounts to take care of her hair, but she has a stellar and outstanding career owing to her focus on intellectual acuity.

He wrote; ”Your nails fall off 3 days after death. Hair follows after 4 days. At 60 days, only bone remain. All the money spent on hair, nails, make up, wasted! The only thing that you develop in life that outlasts your death is your CHARACTER. Invest in it

How can you buy and fix a $500 bone straight hair, that has to be changed every other month, and yet you have not even read $5 worth of books in the same period? What is in your head always makes you greater than what is on your head. Ask @NOIweala

Many women invest more on their hair in one year than @NOIweala has invested on her hair in a lifetime. Yet, look at her. Former @WorldBank MD, Former Minister and now DG @WTO. It is not what goes on your head, but what goes in it that profits you!”

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