“Out of 50 actresses in Nigeria, 48 are into prostitution” – Evangelist reveals

A young evangelist took to his Facebook page to chide his followers against becoming Nollywood stars or musicians unless they are in tandem with prostitution.

Victor Edet has revealed that as a young girl becoming a Nollywood actress has automatically turned you into a Prostitute.

According to him, out of 50 actresses in Nigeria, only 2 are genuinely into the business of acting and eating from their sweat while others are into prostitution.

Here’s what he said;

“AS a young lady who lives in Nigeria, I will advise you not to dream of becoming an Actress or Musician except you want to end up being a Prostitute. Forget about the Flashy Cars and Houses they show you Online. Out of 50 Actresses in Nigeria, only 2 are geniuely eating from their sweat, others are into Prostitution.
If you don’t believe me now, you will believe later.”
Nollywood prostitution actresses

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