How it all started: Chi Marine narrates how the issue between him and Ada Jesus started (Video)

Since today, 11th April, 2021, the news of popular eastern based Comedienne, Mercy Ginikachukwu, popularly known as Ada Jesus, who was diagnosed with a Kidney disease, has been making round the social media and blogs.

The news of her sickness first broke out back in February after she made a video to solicit support and prayers from her fans and well meaning Nigerians. While many prayed for her quick recovery, others advised her to go and ask for forgiveness as they claimed she has been abusive to pastors, native doctors and many notable people in most of her videos and that her sickness may not be ordinary.

Some of the notable people she had called out in some of her videos are; Popular native doctor, Chi Marine and Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje.

The native doctor has now narrated how the whole saga started. According to the native doctor, it all started around February last year.

It is worth noting that Ada Jesus attended Odumeje’s church and was still in good terms with the Prophet as at the time her issues with Chi Marine started.

In his words;

There was a time, around February last, that a certain prophet in Onitsha called Odumeje called out traditionalists, saying they are all not well. He didn’t call my name and I didn’t reply him. However bloggers started writing that a native doctor had replied and challenged Odumeje, using my pictures in their posts.

The following day, Ada Jesus made a video insulting me for challenging Odumeje who was her daddy in the Lord then. I then called her on phone to ask why she had made a video insulting me. She insulted me further, saying she is giving me the last warning else I would see her red colour.

It is also worth noting that Chi Marine has forgiven Ada Jesus and gave her a sum of 100,000 naira, however Odumeje has vowed never to forgive her.

Watch the video below;

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