62-years-old woman who have been married for 30 years with no child finally gives birth to quadruplets (See pictures)

God’s time is always the perfect time, people should learn to be patient and not force things because if God hasn’t decided to bless you yet, you might as well quit trying and wait for your turn. As a person you shouldn’t expect to get everything you want and for everything to go your and leave a place for disappointment.

Every married couple’s dream and happy ending us to start having children and building a family together, however as a wife if aren’t able to have children you might think you’re cursed. Sometimes its not the case as God might be preparing you for something better and bless you multiple times.

A 62-year-old woman had been married for the past 30 years with no child, her biggest dream was to become a mother and she yerned that for many years. At the age of 62 where she had lost all hope God finally blessed her and she gave birth to quadruplets, three boys and a girl.

Her children were indeed miracle babies and she made headlines for quite a long time considering that she gave birth the four beautiful and healthy children at the age of 62.


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