Don Jazzy’s ex-wife, Michelle, replies those asking her why she was taller than him in their wedding picture

Following the unravelling revelation over the weekend, Mavin Record boss Don Jazzy’s failed marriage has remained a topic of discussion on several social media platforms, with many people asking different questions.

Don Jazzy and wife

Some curious fans have now stormed Michelle Jackson’s page to question why she is taller than Don Jazzy in their wedding photos.

Responding to the questions, Michelle took to her Instagram story to share their wedding photo showing she was on a step above Don Jazzy and wearing heels.

She wrote: I hope the questions about my height is answered here. Sometimes we need the full picture. I looked so tall because I was on a step above Jazzy with heels xx.

Check out some hilarious reactions from social media users below:

i.am.differenttt wrote: The photographer sef fuck up…that was his job! Making sure there is a perfect picture🙄

dw_______7 wrote: A lot of message passed with this revelation.things are not actually the way they appear, don’t be too quick to judge, check and double check.

madeeveryday wrote: Who go even ask that kind question????😂😂😂

fluffyfeet.ng wrote: The photographer needs to be prosecuted, very unprofessional 😏

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