Dangote and Tofa families shut down Kano as 3 brothers marry same day

In the last few weeks, 2 billionaires, Alhaji Dangote and Alhaji Tofa’s families held a huge wedding for their kids. It was Aliko Dangote’s nephew, Sadiq Audu Dantata that got married to a Malian- Niger bride, Rachinda in Niamey, Niger while Alhaji Tofa had an elaborate wedding for his 3 sons, Mohammed, Abdulaziz and Sanusi in Kano respectively.

It was one wedding that shook the cities to their root owing to the fact that the couples getting married are from the Fulani tribes, City People reports.

The Hausa Marriage ceremony is always a 3-day rite as it always kicks off with ‘Nikkai‘ which always takes place in the mosque,. This day dowry is paid and Hausa tradition sometimes doesn’t allow the female to take part in these rites. The second day is ‘Kamu‘ (beautifying of the bride with Henna). This is the day the bride will be transforming for the groom family to appreciate her beauty. The 3rd one is ‘ Fathia which is an avenue for the groom and bride families to mingle while they wine and dine.

This is what we call the wedding reception and many Hausa millionaires who have enough to throw around set aside these 3days to honour their kids as they walk into that institution called marriage. They also mothers night, pre-wedding party as well as after party. The Niamey wedding tradition was a bit different though but it was fully observed before any bride price could be paid.

The rich Malian/Niger bride is Rachinda Hamoudi while the groom is Sadeeq Dantata. His father is Alhaji Audu Dantata. His grandmother is Hajiya Mariya Sanusi, mother of Africa’s richest man In Africa, Aliko Dangote. She was fully involved in her grandson’s wedding. The entire Dantata from the north shut down Niamey for one of their own, up to 10 private jets flew to Niamey which conveyed all family and friends to pick their bride.

Amongst those who were there were his cousins, the  Dantatas, Nabila, Bashir, the marshal boys, Amir and Sanusi marshals, Aliko Dangote daughters, Halima and Mariya Dangote,  Rukayat Indimi Dantata, Aminu and Aziza Dangote and others. The mother of the groom, Hajia Audu Dantata also glowed in all her outfits for the wedding. Her daughters, Nabila and Aisha Dantata were also very much involved in their brother’s wedding. The wedding displayed rich luxury from A to Z and even the Imported boxes used by the groom to pack his bride’s engagement package were close to 50. The couple’s best man and maid of honour stood all through with the couple.

Amongst the guests at the nuptials were the Shagari sisters, the Waziri brothers, the Sadiq Rabius, Mrs Aminu Waziri, Aziza Dangote Waziri, Khadija Bashir el Rufai and so many others.

For the Tofas, it was one wedding which had 3 brothers and 3 brides in one event. It was a very colourful event in Kano that guests were thrilled spectacularly. The triple celebration made all that happened at the nuptial in triple dose. Alhaji Uba Tofa’s 3 sons who got married were Mohammed, Abdulaziz and Sanusi Tofa.

Mohammed got married to Hauwa Kabeer, Abdulaziz got married to Zakkiya Gaya while Sanusi Tofa married Hafsa. Their hashtags also trended on all social media. One of the side attractions of the wedding was when Mohammed’s Bride, Hauwa got 2 Mercedes Benz cars as gifts from her dad and grandmother.

Most of the northern weddings always have the couple related to some other big shots as well that you will get to see more families married into each other. This was what happened at the Tofa’s wedding as Aliko Dangote also had a special moment with the 3 Tofa grooms and their brides before they set out for their wedding.

Amongst the important personalities spotted were also Hajiya Mariya Sanusi, Aliko Dangote’s mum, Mrs Abba Dantata, Aisha Dangote Indimi

Mrs Sanusi Tofa, cousin, Hadiza Tofa, Zainab of Zeenah couture. The bride’s sisters, Hauwah Kabeer, Surabaya Kabeer, Firdausi Kabeer and musty Azman.

The beautiful nuptials between these couples may have come and gone but the memory still lingers on in the minds of all the important guests that flew to the northern city for 2 days on March 27, 2021, because it can be termed as one of the classiest and most expensive weddings in Kano which carpeted the first quarter of the year 2021. Everyone and everywhere was abuzz of the prep of the wedding and the families their sons were marrying did not do less as they spared no cost to give their daughters a superlative wedding also.

Many of those who got invited and have had only one thing to say, that this is ‘’a double-barrel northern society wedding of the year. There are even insinuations that there has been no wedding even in recent times that could match this particular one in terms of sheer extravagance & opulence because of the 2 big families involved. The money spent and all the big vendors who participated in the wedding close to 200 guests flew to the city to honour both parents and it lived up to expectation.  It was a classy northern party where all the “BIG MEN” gathered to celebrate with the couples and their parents.

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