Toyin Lawani loses dad days after disrespecting Christianity with her seductive nun outfit

Celebrity Stylist, Toyin Lawani who was under criticism by Nigerians over her seductive nun outfit has lost her dad, Olanrewaju Lawani

Toyin Lawani who’s grieving over her loss, took to her social media page to announce the demise of her father to her friends and fans.

According to the grieving stylist, he took his last breath in front of me just like that.

Sharing candlelight on her official business page, she wrote;

”I keep saying this every day because atimes the world don’t know a lot of peoples struggles because we keep it private and show our strong side to inspire people , you will be shocked to know what some people are going through and they smile and laugh at you daily, life is too short,live it, yesterday you will be young and strong , the way time flies , it will be tomorrow already and you will be old and weak .

Live your life to the fullest, live it for you not people , cause when you go they won’t go with you, everyone has a journey they need to embark on and alone , only him Who gives can take anytime, you can’t Question God , share moments with your loved ones and show them you care and love them , cause tomorrow is not promised only today we know , judge less , Be prayerful and Be kind to people , On the last day Your Kindness won’t fail you. He Just took his last breathe in front of me just like that , Rip Dad , The most Prayerful man I know . everyone stay protected.”

Toyin Lawani loses dad

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