Prophet Bushiri’s top secrets EXPOSED: “He is fake, I’ll get killed if I reveal his source of wealth” See more sh0ck!ng details here

Unexpected truth about Shepherd Bushiri had finally brought to light, it was revealed that growing up Bushiri was just a little boy who was very shy and wouldn’t leave his mother’s sight. He would go with her wherever she went.

Growing up he was a church goer and at the age of 27 he finally rose to fame and self-proclaimed himself as a prophet, he would perform miracles and healings at his church in Malawi. Bushiri is a spiritual son to a Zimbabwean prophet Hebert Angel who allegedly moved to United Kingdom after escaping his home country about six years ago

Those who new Shepherd Bushiri as a little boy who grew up in a very poor family, he us the forth child out of six children were really surprised by how he managed to obtain so much wealth yo be able to buy a private jet worth R17 million in hard cash. The were really surprised with how he managed to buy all his luxurious cars, homes and a spa and hotel.

It all became very suspicious with how quick Bushiri became rich as it hasn’t been a decade since he started making a name for himself.

The problem with South Africans is that they love money and believe in miracles. He took advantage of your weakness and that’s how he won South Africans’ hearts,” said a Malawian journalist.

“I couldn’t do what he does, such as telling people about themselves and prophesying about the future. He was so convincing – until I was exposed to the ungodly things he was doing behind the pulpit,” he said.

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