A man impregnated 3 sisters at the same time

When it come to polygamy relationships and marriages only a all number of people understand it as it was mostly done back in tjr days during the time of kings, now times have changed that is why we rarely see polygamous relationships. However for those who are still in it, it seems to be working for them just fine.

We all know that a polygamous man is able to take a many wives a he want, readon being he wants a very bif family which is why polygamy marriages are mostly done by by rich and wealth man who are capable to take care if their wives financially.

A Kenyan man gained a lot of attention after he impregnated three sisters, this rose a lot of eyebrows in the public ad people could not understand whether it was a polygamy relationship or not. Besides we have never had had of blood sisters being in a polygamy relationship with the same man.

According to the publication the man first impregnated the older sister them moved to the middle one and lastly the youngest one, the three sisters pregnancies were only a few months apart.

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