“God please don’t give me children that don’t have sense” Host says live on TV while reacting to Chioma leaving school to be with Davido (video)

Davido and Chioma Rowland’s relationship has been a topic of discussion for months now, following claims the couple are done after another woman allegedly welcomed a son with Davido.

Different opinions have been shared about Davido and Chioma, with some saying Davido has no right to the son they share because, based on the culture in some Igbo places, a man who hasn’t paid the bride price of a woman cannot claim the child born by the woman.
Well, some argued that Davido and his family paid a visit to Chioma’s family to “knock on the door “, therefore he had started the marital rites before their son was born.
The argument made its way to Your View on TVC and one of the hosts, BeeCee Ugboh, who is Igbo, gave a controversial opinion.
She said that where she comes from, if a woman’s bride price has not been paid, she is on the same level with a girlfriend and a side chic.
She added that the “knocking on the door” ceremony isn’t as solid as payment of bride price, and until bride price is paid, a woman is still a girlfriend and doesn’t have the “covering” accorded wives.
For this reason, she said, in the case of a breakup, the woman doesn’t have the backing of tradition and the law.
“Where I come from, introduction is not marriage o. The difference now is that, they just came to say, ‘OK, na here you dey stay o’, that’s the difference. You’re still on the same level,” BeeCee said.
She then went on to address the news that Chioma Rowland dropped out of University because of her relationship with Davido, while the singer went on to graduate.
She said that when she first heard that Chioma did this, she prayed to God not to give her children without sense.
She said: “This particular person abandoned school to follow man. The day I heard it, I felt… That was the day I started praying that prayer; God, please, do not give me children that don’t have sense.”
Watch the video below.

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