Actress, Rita Dominic finally reveals why she flaunted her lover last year (Video)

Rita Dominic, a well-known actress, has finally explained why she wanted to share a viral picture of herself and her boyfriend last year.

In an interview with Chude Jideonwo, the 45-year-old movie guru was asked why she chose to flaunt her guy, an act that is thought to be at odds with her normal way of life.

In response, Rita agreed that there are occasions when it is important to share such things with others, and her lover happened to be the right person for the job.

captioned the video on his Instagram page:


So I asked Rita why she shared the viral photo or her partner last year. Amid giggles and laughter, she told me why. “Oh my goodness Chude! It just happened, a spur of the moment, happiness..

“… once in a while you want to share certain things with people and I felt like my lovers, had been there for me for decades. We all had a bad year last year with COVID and we could do with some happiness.”

I feel you on this.”

Watch the video below:

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