Activist Abimbola Marks 7 Months Of Overcoming Masturbation

Nigerian activist, Yetunde Abimbola has taken to social media to share how she battled with masturbation for years as she marks 7 months of overcoming it.

Yetunde revealed that she begun masturbating when she was very young and looking back to about 7 months she can’t believe she was able to overcome to it. 

According to her, there were times she had to depend on the strength of the Holy Spirit as she prayed anytime she had the urge to masturbate.

She tweeted;

I stopped masturbating 7 months ago. I can’t even imagine myself doing it anymore. One of my small wins

I started masturbating at a really young age. Really glad I could overcome

Guidelines: Discipline – I know you’ve heard this before.

God – There were times I say this short prayer “holy spirit, please help me to sleep” My partner

See her tweet below;

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