Messi thought I elbowed him, refused to give me his shirt – Man United star, McTominay

Manchester United midfielder, Scott McTominay has revealed his encounter with Lionel Messi when he asked the Barcelona king for his shirt after a Champions League game between the two clubs in 2019.

McTominay said his request to Messi, who he believes is the best in the world, was met by a frosty response from the Argentina captain.

He said Messi blamed him for a little injury he sustained on his face during the game at Old Trafford and so turned down his request.

McTominay, who pleaded with Messi’s national team-mate and United goalkeeper, Romero to get the shirt for him, said he had to let Messi understand that he was not the one that injured him but Chris Smalling.

Messi was visibly hurt from a challenge with Chris Smalling and made his frustrations clear to the referee.

Unfortunately for McTominay, Messi blamed him and a post-match request for his shirt through international team-mate Sergio Romero fell flat.

Speaking with ESPN about the best player in the world, Scott said, “Messi, 100 per cent. Yeah, Messi, Messi. I got his shirt, you know?

“So, when we played against him for Barcelona [in 2009], Chris Smalling elbowed him and he’s got blood coming out of his nose. And he thought it was me.

“Because I said to Sergio Romero, ‘please can you ask Messi to get his shirt?’

“Sergio comes back in and said, ‘Oh, he thinks you were the one who elbowed him on the halfway line’. I said, ‘No, no, no, no – tell him it wasn’t me, so make sure I get that shirt because that’s going in my bedroom’. So he knows it wasn’t me now.

“Sorry Chrissy, but he was the one who roughed him up a bit.”

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