I feel bad when spending the money I have stolen — Teenage yahoo boy says

A teenage Nigerian internet fraudster identified Omisakin Samson has revealed that he feels sad spending the money he has stolen from his victims.

Omisakin Samson who is specialized in stealing money from bank accounts using stolen SIM cards, was arrested in the capital of Ondo State, Akure after he stole N44,000 from a victim’s bank account which was traced to him.

Speaking in an interview after his arrest, he said;

”l took to yahoo yahoo business to survive. My mother has stroke and my father is no longer taking care of me. I started with Yahoo and I did it regularly. I studied computer engineering where I learned about hacking. I used applications to run victims’ sim card. I used the SIM to withdraw the cash through POS or used it to buy cards.”

“I collected 18 SIMs from them but many of them were not useful while some were useful. The one that brought me here was the one I collected N44,000 from. I took N4000 cash and used the rest to buy goods”.

“I withdraw the cash online. In this case I used somebody account and it was traced to us. When I see my victims now, I will beg them and tell them l will not do it again. I feel bad when spending their money”.

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