Popular Actress, Toyosi Adesanya opens up on her spiritual battle with driving

Popular Actress Toyosi Adesanya who recently escaped an ordeal with the Fulani’s herdsmen that led to the death of her colleague Juwon Awe has opened up on her driving fears.

In a chat with Biodun Alao, the actress while speaking on how she shuffles between Ondo and Lagos for movie productions said “It’s the nature of my job, my husband and I stay in Ondo state and most times I need to travel around the southwest to feature in movies because I don’t want my face to fade away in the industry. Out of sight is out of mind so to remain relevant I have to keep featuring in movies and shuttling around these states is part of the efforts I have been making. Honestly, it has not been easy but God has been faithful.

My only regret is not knowing how to drive. I even went to train still I couldn’t drive and that has limited me getting some movie roles because it will take extra effort and start to achieve driving scene in movies. I have come to the conclusion that it’s spiritual I have a phobia of driving.

On the ordeal with fulani herdsmen in Ilorin last year, she said “It was a terrible experience. I don’t even like talking about it because everything happened right in front of me. We were on our way to a movie location and Awe was the one driving the car when armed men attacked us, they started shooting sporadically at us and he tried to dodge the bullet but unfortunately, the bullet met him through the side and he lost control of the car and the car somersaulted into the bus and he died on the spot. They took away our things including phones and money they were arms and we were there for hours they tried raping my PA twice initially she said she was menstruating, later she said she was pregnant. They dragged me away and said they don’t want to see my face, they attempted shooting my brother as well it was just God that helped us that day even after 5hrs they left we didn’t know we still stayed shivering in fear there. There was a Yoruba man amongst them and he kept saying we shouldn’t have travelled at that time.
The incident affected me emotionally I had lots of nightmares after the terrible ordeal. It took me 2 months to come out of the trauma.


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