How I still scold my son despite being Vice President – Osinbajo’s mum

Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo’s 87 years old mum, Olubisi Osinbajo has disclosed thatshe still scoldsand disciplines im.

Recalling how she felt when vice president Yemi Osinbajo signified his intentions to go into politics, she said

“We don’t like politics. My husband and I also told our children not to partake in politics. However, Femi was once a councilor. But he later resigned and returned home. He said he could not cope with them. When we heard of Yemi’s own, we knew that it was God that put him there. Since then, we have been praying; I cannot rest again. I pray for him every minute; even when I see him on TV. I always tell God to take care of him. He is a man of God and he always advises me that I shouldn’t be worried; rather, I should pray. Whenever you pray for your children, God answers.”

One of the pains that come with being the mother of the vice president is that she has to endure the myriads of insults hurled at her son and the government by Nigerians who feel increasingly displeased and unhappy with the government over its inability to deliver on its promises to Nigerians at the time they were coming in. How does he feel when shears people speak ill of her son or criticize the government? “I do not feel anyhow. I only pray for him and I know that he is doing his best. I know that it is God that put them there, and He has established them. When you put things in God’s hands, you are sure that everything would be alright.”

What is her relationship with the vice president like, now that he is vice president of the country, does she still scold him once in a while? Yes, I do, and on occasions like that, he calls me ‘Mummysco’. It doesn’t matter how big they are now, they are still my children.”

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