CCTV captures Quavo and Saweetie fighting in an elevator (Video)

A video has captured the shocking moment American musicians, Quavo & Saweetie got in an altercation in an elevator.

The incident reportedly happened before their breakup.

Although both of them claimed that the other was at fault, fans speculated that Quavo’s infidelity was the reason behind the split.

However, TMZ shared a new video showing the two of them fighting over unknown reasons.

The surveillance clip shows both of them standing outside an open elevator. When the doors open, Saweetie is swinging at Quavo.

Quavo dodges the hit before Saweetie grabs an orange Call of Duty case. There’s a struggle over the case before Quavo pulls Saweetie down to the ground.

Saweetie remains on the elevator floor as Quavo looks down at her but doesn’t help her up.

Watch a video of the below:

The Migos rapper’s action has been condemned by social media users.

@fbgwayno: saweetie shouldn’t have swung on quavo & quavo should’ve just left her alone instead of dragging her into that elevator

@spicebae_: to see that video of Saweetie and Quavo and thinking back to when she announced they broke up and Quavo having the audacity to say, “you’re not who i thought you were.” is mind blowing. the toxicity, the gaslighting, the narcissism. holy shit. i’m happy she walked away from him.

@ovocartier: one thing quavo got goin for him is that he never hit Saweetie, so they cant even say he was abusing her or some shi

playboixcarson: I cannnnnnnnotttttt stand when niggas on here put these male celebs to some pedestal like they can’t do no wrong like who tf is Quavo. Who tf is Tory? Are they MLK? Help me understand.

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