Student builds floating bicycle for kids living in riverine areas

A young Ghanaian man has put his hands to work and proven that Africa is filled with boundless talents and all that is needed to thrive is just the enabling environment.

Frank Darko, a student built a bicycle that floats on water and in photos making the rounds online, he could be seen test running his innovation.

The lad who is a Graphic design student at Tarkoradi Technical University in Ghana said he built the floating bicycle to help Ghanaian children living in villages throughout the Volta region.

With some good level of support from the right quarters, such invention can be modernised and mass produced for families living in riverine areas.

The talented man received commendations from people who were impressed by his creation.

Read some comments below..

@Phil_monametsi; Very smart and brilliant

@bettachris_; Congratulations Brother. Keep making us proud.

LEgbede; Impressive @AlikoDangote please help support this dude..

@MalomeTeboho; This is such a wonderful idea, not many people would’ve thought of a floating bicycle. Nice!

@Echi_di_ime; God gave us great minds, innovators and brilliance but foolish leaders

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