South Africans caused the death of my daughter Israella: Prophet Shepherd Bushiri reveals see sh0ck!ng

Self proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri is currently mourning the death of his daughter, he announced the sad news yesterday on all his social media accounts. Israella died due to lung infection and his followers have been mourning with him.

Its seems the self-proclaimed prophet is now using his daughter’s death to attack South Africans. The prophet said that his daughter died because she was blocked from getting emergency medical care she needed as he and his family were prohibited from leaving Malawa to Nairobi, Kenya were Israella was suppose to get the medical attention she needed.

“When I spoke to the doctor, he highlighted that if she had not been blocked at the airport the first time she needed to travel to Kenya for medical assistance, she wouldn’t have passed on. We wish we could have reversed this. But we believe if it’s God’s time, there is nothing we can do but to accept,” Bushiri said.

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