Piers Morgan says he’s worth more than the world’s most expensive footballer, Neymar

Piers Morgan says he

Controversial TV host, Piers Morgan has claimed that he is actually worth more than the world’s most expensive footballer, Neymar.

Morgan, 55, sensationally quit Good Morning Britain following an on-air spat with weatherman Alex Beresford over the pair’s differing views on Meghan Markle.

Since his exit from the show, ITV’s share prices have significantly dropped by five per cent.

Writing for The Daily Mail, in his first column since his exit, Piers bragged about his value to the network, saying he’s worth more than brazillian footballer, Neymar.

He said: “ITV’s share price has plunged by five per cent since news of my departure from GMB broke, valuing me at £250 million, which is £52 million more than the world’s most expensive footballer, Neymar.


“That should come in handy in my future contract negotiations!”

He went on to say how “proud” he was that the show’s ratings continued to rise during his time working there.

“More satisfyingly, Good Morning Britain smashed our ratings record again yesterday [March 9], and we finally beat BBC Breakfast for the first time.

“When I joined GMB in 2015, the BBC got three times our ratings and nobody apart from me ever thought we’d eclipse them.

“Well, we did, on my very last day. And it’s one of my proudest achievements.”


Also in the column, Piers revealed that he was shocked by co-host Susanna Reid’s “stony-faced” statement following his departure.


He then finished the lengthy article by saying: “To be clear: I’m not a victim and I haven’t been cancelled.

“In fact, in many ways this has been one of the most exciting and affirmative periods of my life.”

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