Lady Gaga’s dog walker leaves hospital with part of his lung removed over a month after he was shot

Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga’s dog walker has finally left the hospital after parts of his lung was removed after he was shot on duty.


Ryan Fischer was walking Lady Gaga’s three dogs in February when he was shot and the dogs were kidnapped.


One of the dogs amended to escape and was recovered on the same day. The other two were recovered days later.


Ryan was admitted to a hospital and stayed longer than anticipated due to complications with his lungs.


Ryan says he was already feeling great just days after being shot and moving out of the ICU, and thought his recovery would be a simple process.


Unfortunately, Ryan says one of his lungs didn’t cooperate and kept collapsing and it reached a point where he was readmitted for surgery to remove portions of it.


Ryan is now recovering and he shared an emotional video of himself getting dressed to leave the hospital.


Lady Gaga


It’s miracle Ryan recovered considering he was shot in the chest at almost point-blank range.


The terrifying experience was captured on surveillance video from a nearby property, and he says that his doctors and nurses even told him they didn’t think he’d make it.


Below is his narration of his experience.


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

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