I got married very early and endured the marriage so as not to disappoint my father and children — Actress Patience Ozokwor

Veteran Nigerian Actress, Patience Ozokwor has revealed that she got married at an early age and although it was a horrible experience at first, she had to endure so as to please her father who loved her so much.

On the decision to get married at quite an early age, the thespian said ;

I come a from a polygamous family where my mother’s mate, the daughter gets married and my mother too wants her own daughter to get married.

So the one that presented himself then, i wasn’t allowed to wait for LOVE, so i was forced into marriage.

When the presenter asked how being married at such a young age was for her, Patience Ozokwor said ;

It was horrible, our own time was a time where you don’t have a say in who you get married to.

Your parents can arrange a marriage and once they have done that, you are in for it.

When you are trying to please your parents, you stay in your marriage and manage it. IN my family you don’t come back from a marriage and another reason i endured was because of my children.

See video below ;


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