‘They will soon turn Nigerian cinema to YouTube’ Actress Yvonne Jegede throws subtle shade at Toyin Abraham

In a post shared on the microblogging platform, the actress said movie producers are now always in haste to shoot and release films, which may be detrimental to the entertainment industry.

The actress further said that considering how movies are released and taken to the cinema, Nigerian cinema might soon turn to the YouTube platform.

In a subsequent post the actress said her latest outburst has been tagged jealousy but she does not care.

Yvonne Jegede tweeted: “Today they are on set shooting, and next minute they have a cinema date, next tomorrow the movie don enter cinema. Them go soon turn Nigerian cinema to YouTube”. “Anything you say they tag you jealous. Face with tears of joy this is a way to make people not say the truth about anything. I beg make una shift with una guilty conscience”.

Reacting to the tweet, many social media users alleged Yvonne Jegede was throwing shade at Toyin Abraham.

69community_: Tot I was the only one noticing this 😮…. them deh do Cacus too much, same group of actors and actresses in different movie titles

temi_tayo2: Kuku mention Toyin Abraham 😂😂

purplefeet_: She’s actually saying the truth it’s not every movie you sent to cinemas

Some Hollywood, Bollywood movies/films take 2yrs or more but Nollywood 1months or 2weeks e don set

hyperopique: If you want to talk to Toyin Abraham talk direct. Don’t be going through the corners 🙄

josephjuniorjohnson: @nemerem_marshals thank GOD GOD no be Man…. Every movie was a hit… No be you produce am so you can’t tell how much was made… Go watch alakada etc again ✊

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