Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim has taken to social media to opine that dating a born-again Christian woman is the best, because you would be forgiven when you are caught.

According to her, once a born again Christian woman catches her boyfriend cheating, she would offer prayers for her boyfriend and tend to blame the devil in the end.

She took to her Instagram page to drop her two cents on cheating in relationships which got a lot of reactions.

She wrote: Apparently Dating a born again christian woman is the best, you cheat, she finds out, you pray together and blame the devil…. oh well, association of modern christian women is officially opened oo. Let he who have ears hear well ooo! Do not be manipulated into domestic violence, miserable lifestyles, manipulation, misery, depression, emotional abuse, mental slavery and maltreatment from narcissistic egoistic humans. Ladies, set boundaries, value yourself, become more self aware of your worth, love yourself and build your self esteem so you never have to fall victim of manipulation of any kind and most of all know when to draw the line and wake up from brainwashing and emotional abuse.

Dating a born again Christian woman is the best. You cheat, she finds out, you pray together and blame the devil - Juliet Ibrahim