Man receives 20k as reward from friend for lapping him in the bus all through secondary school


A Nigerian man has taken to social media to reveal that his friend rewarded him for a helping him during their school days.

According to the man identified as @OkoyeCardinal on Twitter, he was given the sum of N20,000 by a friend as appreciation for lapping him during their secondary school days.

Sharing the heartwarming post, Okoye said when he received the 20,000 alert, he asked why and his friend simply said it was to thank him for lapping him ‘to and fro’ in the bus during their secondary school days for 6 good years.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote;


“My secondary school friend sent me 20k and I asked him what for, he replied and said “thank you for lapping me inside the bus to and fro to school for a good 6 years”

See the tweet below:

— @NinnyFrans #ENDTHEKILLINGSOFTHEINNOCENT (@FranciscaEgbo) March 22, 202This is the kind of money I will spend joyously https://t.co/HoiDDSmNW2

— Kayode/ (@kayvins) March 22, 2021God bless me with a wonderful university Gee @princeifemebe

— Nwoke Agulu (@OkoyeCardinal) March 22, 2021Amen… Thanks for the observation dear.

— Nwoke Agulu (@OkoyeCardinal) March 22, 2021Good people remembering how they were helped while in striving to get to the top.

God bless your good friend

— Kamsilanky (@kamsilanky) March 22, 2021

Little ways of appreciation are remembered in bigger ways.

— Georgio of The Jungle🏜 (@IrieleGeorge) March 22, 2021

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