Nigerian wife narrates her experience with female friend who visited their house

A Nigerian wife has narrated her sad experience with a female friend who came over to live at her house.

According to her, she’s been married to her husband for four years without a child, and her friend who was squatting at her house, advised her husband to divorce her and marry again.

She wrote;

“I’ve been married for the past four years. My husband has been the most caring and supportive husband even though we don’t have children, but recently I did something that might want to put my marriage in danger.

Recently, a friend of mine said she had some issues and needed place to stay while she put herself together, so I pleaded with my husband and he gave the permission so my friend of 8 years now, came and stayed with us.

However, few weeks after she came my husband started telling me that his no longer comfortable with my friend around that he wants her out of his house.

Without knowing what was going on I begged my husband again, when the pressure from my friend became too much him, my hubby told me everything with a video proof, how my friend who I wanted to help told my husband to divorce me that she can bear him children, because I’ve not been able to give my husband a child, although I already asked her to leave my house but she’s pleading that she has no place to stay”.


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