Queen Naomi, The Beautiful Wife Of Ooni Of Ife, Opens Up On How She Battles Infertiluty For 2 Years Amidst The Challenges She Faced.

After two years of marriage, Queen Naomi, the wife of the Ooni of Ife, has spoken out about how she dealt with public pressure after she was unable to conceive.

She was taking part in a TVC interview where she talked about some of the obstacles she faced before having her first child.

“It was like I was supposed to start popping babies almost immediately. The whole world was just looking at me…Thank God for a supportive husband, he would always tell me not to bother. think it was something I was challenged with from the first day I got married. One thing that society does not yet know is that when a woman is under pressure, it becomes very difficult to conceive because it messes up with her brain and then it goes into her hormones and it becomes more difficult. The more you abuse a woman about childbearing, the more it becomes difficult for her to conceive.”

“For me, it was really difficult but thank God for God, thank God for the Holy Spirit, and thank God for my husband. There was no pressure at all from my husband’s family, they were all very supportive,”

“I would say from the public, there was a little bit of pressure but because my husband didn’t actually care about what gender, it could be a girl, a boy, or even twins he didn’t care. My mind was not on whether it was a girl or a boy, there was no reason to go for a scan, and there was no reason to find out what I was having. Whatever it is, I knew he was going to celebrate me and celebrate the child.”

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