I would have won a Grammy award since 2013 if Nigeria had quality leadership – Burna Boy

Nigerian dancehall star, Damini Ogulu better known as Burna Boy, says he would have won a Grammy award in 2013 if he had the right support.

Burna recently engraved his name in the history books when he bagged a Grammy award at the 63rd edition of the award show for his album, ‘Twice As Tall’.

In a chat with BBC Africa, the ”Monsters You Made”singer spoke of his experience making the album during a pandemic.

He said: “If the environment was conducive and we had leadership who took the youth seriously and certain infrastructure in place, I probably won’t be winning a Grammy in 2021. I probably would have won in 2013 or 2014.

“I’m basically the stone that the builders refused when it comes to, you know, being here (in music). I was very relieved because I deserved it. I was hoping a situation wouldn’t happen where I didn’t get what I deserved.

“I saw this moment happening back in 2012. I just realised it (the music struggle) was bigger than me. It’s like I used to do this on the streets and everyone is going crazy, but now I don’t see anyone better than me.

“So, it’s like this is serious now. Anything is possible. Whatever situation you may be in wherever you find yourself doesn’t really determine your future or stop you from not considering your dreams as being dreams.

“In the end, we’re in an environment that doesn’t believe in itself before they even think of believing in you.”

When asked what are his projections for music in Africa, the self-acclaimed African Giant said he takes pride in knowing that more people like him will emerge to create opportunities and pave the way more for the younger generation of African musicians.

“A lot of doors are being opened. For me personally, every door at this point has been opened

“It is what will be left behind when I’m not here. That’s going to be my footprints on the world,”he said.

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