‘You know you can’t leave’ – New Barcelona president Joan Laporta appeals to Lionel Messi to stay at the club

New Barcelona president, Joan Laporta has made a direct plea to Lionel Messi to stay at the club, barely hours after he was sworn into office on Wednesday, March 17.

He won club elections last week and has returned to the helm of the club 11 years after leaving the post in 2010.

With Lionel Messi nearing the end of his contract and rumors of him leaving the club due to his unhappiness at the club, Laporta has now appealed to the Barca star in a speech he made to members.

Prior to his speech, Laporta and Messi, were pictured embracing prior to the new president’s speech.

Speaking to the six-time Ballon d’Or winner, Laporta said.

“In our first spell we had the best players in Barca history, but if we were successful it was because we had stability,” Laporta explained.

“It is Barcelona’s unity which gives you stability and I invite everyone at Barcelona to think about what they can do for Barca.

“I am here to make decisions, like convincing Leo to carry on, taking advantage of the fact that he is here. He knows that.

“You know the affection I hold for you and we will do whatever it takes to keep you here. You know you cannot leave, Leo.

“We will not be able to do it alone. As our anthem says, we are strong all together. More so in these most difficult times. We know how to do it.

“When the pandemic is over our revenue will return. That will be fixed. There will be strong leadership, because I am well-accompanied. We will make decisions. To defend the club you have to live and breathe it and we do that as much as possible.”

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