Nigerians react to photos of Miyetti Allah’s President using convoy, SUV with official seal and police escort

The Nigerian Twitter sphere has been abuzz with reactions as photos alleged to be that of the national president of the Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore surfaced on the internet.

In the photos which have gone viral, one could see that the Miyetti Allah president was being transported in a convoy with his personal car having official seal along with police escort.

He was seen moving within a town as his convoy of about three SUVs appeared to be moving alongside some yellow tricycles and guarded by a police escort.

While we cannot independently verify the authenticity of the photos at the time of this report, many Nigerians on social media have been sharing them with mixed reactions.

A Twitter user @ayemojubar shared the photos with the caption;

”So, National President of Miyetti Allah has a seal and police entourage.”

@phemmyorelesi said; This should not be a thing of surprise to you. What can’t our police force be used for? Celebrities and rich people use our police like they are their slave. In Nigeria, a Mopol will jump down from an escort jeep and run to open gate for ordinary civilian that is rich.

OlajideUkpong replied; Yet minister of education is telling school children to be vigilant as they can’t provide security for all schools. This is laughable and really tells a lot without a doubt

@Pee4Prosper; Let us not be quick to accuse the Government of providing him with all these paraphernalia, let’s remember that in Naina with money anyone can package & build an intimidating carriage to seru ba won.

@EdgalJ; Me: Just one day I don’t want to see something that makes me disappointed at this country

@Sasha03545351; Everything that can be wrong in a country is wrong in Nigeria nothing good very Sad

UsmanId01415083; Why not if he can afford it, he’s probably heading one of the richest business group in Nigeria outside politics ala Nigeria!!!!

@donralph_onit; This Nigeria wahala be like ‘coconut wey no get water for person wey won drink am’.

How absurdly the situation of this country have become today. Who is he in a sane clime?

@Mwokozi_; I told y’all myetti allah is the presidency you hear and read about, there’s no president in nigeria; it’s getting clearer now, they’re not even hiding it cos nobody can do anything about it.

@Iyalabaki2; Can u imagine a foreigner living large, doing anyhow in Nigeria. I hate our past leaders that brought dis upon us all in tha name of oneness, greed nd selfishness. They no go die better, the ones wey don die no go rest better

@LovettNduge asked; How are they able to afford these luxurious vehicles?

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