Female friends are responsible for most broken marriages – Nigerian man


A Nigerian civil servant has shared asserted that female friends of married women are a huge cause of the different cases of broken marriages.

According to the man identified as Edmond Etim-Orok, majority of failed marriages were caused by friends of the married woman who inculcated an ideology in them not to take any nonsense from a man.

He specifically said female friends instigate 85 percent of broken homes.

Taking to Facebook, he wrote;


85% of broken marriages are instigated by female friends who advise their friends not to take any nonsense from man. Truth.”

See his post below:

Social media users shared their thoughts on his opinion.

@queen8ofboys said; I am wondering if women are supposed to take nonsense in the first place

@HydeForth; Who is instigating the men to give out nonsense?

@fvckgotti; There’s truth in this. But there are also terrible men out there

@bubuski130; And who would take a nonsense from his or her partner?

@Diekolopemi2; Funny thing is those friends who advice you not to take nonsense
Are taking more than nonsense in their own homes

@Bukkiefraih; I have a story to tell too but not today.

In summary, be mindful of who advises you. Took me a long time to forgive my friend cos I was a victim of a relatable instance.

@kenyoh3; This one literally shot himself in the foot, because normal normal nobody suppose dey take nonsense from anybody

@iamsmilesever; Some people eat shit in there marriage, but will advise there friends not to take shit, not everything you will be telling your friends, some people are sad because you have happy marriage

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