Why I Reject Some Roles Even For N10m – Bimbo Ademoye

Unlike some actors who would accept any script so far the money is huge, award winning actress, Bimbo Ademoye, has disclosed why she rejects some scripts no matter the amount of money offered.

The Beautiful and talented role interpreter who said that she has far more to offer than just her beauty, told Saturday Beats that she would reject N10m if the storyline of the movie she is supposed to act is not interesting.

She said, “(I would consider) the storyline more than anything (else) in the world. I would reject N10m if the story does not make sense. I have said this before. There were times I fell victim of the storyline not being wonderful. I had read the story and it was good but when I got on set, they decided to cut corners. The movie was released and the editor did not do a good job. It did not look nice at all. I have actually rejected scripts, telling the producer the story did not work for me.”

Ademoye also stated that she paid no price to get to the position she is right now’.

“I would not say I paid any price (to get to where I am). I just kept showing my skills and letting people know that I was more than the curves. I am more than the sexy roles (I play). My gratitude goes to filmmakers―Uduak Isong and Biodun Stephens― who took chances on me.” She said.

On her ability to play different roles, Ademoye said it had to do with her childhood in the Ebute Meta area of Lagos State. “I think it has to do with my childhood. I grew up in Ebute Meta― in ‘the hood’ like people would say. I grew up around several characters and different people. When people see me playing a certain character, I am probably trying to mimic someone I knew while growing up. Thankfully, so far so good, it comes out well,”

Sharing her thoughts on the trend of fans tattooing the names and images of celebrities on their bodies, she said, “(If a fan does that), I would acknowledge the person. I have a tattoo and I know the pain one goes through when the needle is scribbled on one’s body. However, I would not give out money. I mean no disrespect to anyone. But, how many people would I give money to? Of course, I would acknowledge the fan and probably meet the person one on one. But, that is where it is going to end.”

The Covenant University graduate also stated that fame had not changed much about her. She added, “I still feel like the Bimbo who had 800 followers two years ago. I still mind my business and stay on my lane. I am all about the movies (acting) and family.”

Ademoye, who often talks about her dad, described him as her ‘best friend’ and ‘rock’. She said, “My dad is my best friend. He is my rock and backbone. He inspires me in so many ways. I have actually acted like my dad in movies before, but people did not notice. Anybody who thinks I am funny should wait until they meet my dad. That is where my sense of humour stems from― saying funny things at the snap of a finger. I am my father’s daughter.”

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