Man builds Bugatti out of wood for his son, takes him on a ride (Video)

A father has impressed social media users after he built a Bugatti out of wood for his son.

In a video which was shared on Facebook by Supercar Blondie, the man, a Vietnamese took his little boy on a ride in the wooden car.

The car which is a Bugatti Centodieci has a well-carved grille, with wheel axles and a nice steering wheel.

In a statement made to Supercar Blondie, Mr Nong said it took him 40 days to build the car from the scratch.

The car is powered by two batteries and weighs a stunning 350kg. It is said to be made entirely out of oak wood.

Drivers and onlookers could help but stare in awe as dad and son ride the beautiful work of art on the road alongside real cars and trucks.

Watch video below:


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