You and your kayanmata products are the main cause of divorce in Nigeria – Kemi Olunloyo blasts Jaruma

Nigerian journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has reacted to Jaruma’s claim that crossdressers are the cause of the increase in the rate of divorce in Nigeria.

Days ago, Jaruma, born Hauwa Saidu Mohammed, alleged that crossdressers in the country, and not young girls using her aphrodisiac, are largely responsible the the rising cases of divorce.

She said in part;

”News was all over town that the high rate of divorce has been linked and traced to Kayanmata because single girls are now buying Kayanmata and now taking away married men from their wives…

The high rate of divorce you are talking about can only be linked to crossdressers because crossdressers are the only ones who always say we are coming to take your husbands away.

Every single crossdresser in Nigeria, that is their motto.”

In a rebuttal, Olunloyo blasted her and said that her Kayanmata product is the main cause of high rate of divorce, alleging that she literally teaches young and single ladies how to seduce married men with her products which causes long term infertility.

She wrote:


Jaruma SHUT your filthy mouth. Crossdressers did NOT cause a high rate of divorce in Nigeria. You and your Kayamata did‼

You literally teach young ladies how to seduce married men with your sexing juju products which CAUSES LONG TERM INFERTILITY🙄


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