Nigerian woman gives birth after four miscarriages

A Nigerian couple have been blessed with their second child after having four miscarriages within two years.

The husband took to social media to announce the birth of their baby while narrating how his wife lost four pregnancies in the first two years of their marriage.

Four years after, they are now proud parents of two lovely daughters.

Taking to Linkedln platform, the elated husband, Akinwunmi Akingbade shared a photo of his wife in what is believed to be moments before she put to bed, and another of their second child.

He wrote: “When God shows up, He does big!!!

“My wife had 4 miscarriages in the first 2 years of our Marriage. And two years after, we have 2 kids.

“My wife and I welcomed our second daughter today.”

LinkedIn users trooped to the comment section to congratulate them.

Mathias Jacob Abah; Congratulations to you and your family. May the grace of God rest and abide with the new baby.

Ukushemuya Ovie; Congratulations! God is always on time and it may not be the time we want Him, He shows up.

Martyn Rushin; I’ve been there, what a wonderful outcome to a tough story. You’ll always remember all of your children, and I’m thrilled for you.

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