Lady narrates how she found out her elder sister is her mother (Video)

A lady has taken to social media to share the shocking story of how she found out her elder sister who is ten years older than her is actually her mother.

She recounted how her sister and parents were always arguing when she was younger, but she never really understood why, however, it all began to make sense several years later.

According to her, when her elder sister turned 18, she left the house and after some years apart, her sister was able to locate her on social media.

She got in touch and they linked up, that was when the sister told her that when she was very little their dad took advantage of her, she became pregnant and gave birth to the lady who they all refer to as her sister.

After knowing the truth about her real mother, she then confronted her parents and they said it was kept a secret in order not to embarrass the family because they have some traditional values which needed to be upheld.

However, she then asked for permission to go stay with her older sister, when she was allowed, she and her sister then did DNA test and it was confirmed that she was the mum.

lives in an uncompleted building

On getting the confirmation, they reported the case to the police and her their dad was arrested and jailed.

Watch the video below:


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