‘I’m having a midlife crisis’- Billionaire blogger, Linda Ikeji cries out

Nigerian Billionaire blogger Linda Ikeji has opened up having a midlife crisis in the quest to look sexier.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, the blogger said that she has never fixed artificial nails for over ten to fifteen years and has remained unbothered about the situation.

However, people around have continued to advise on the need to be a proper lady considering her societal status.

In the post, Lind Ikeji questioned her fans if fixing artificial nails makes a lady look sexier.

I haven’t fixed my nails in what…10..15 years? 🤣. Couldn’t be bothered to be honest. But everyone around me keeps telling me to be a proper lady and fix my nails 💅 😏.

Now that I’m on the journey to be sexier…aka having midlife crisis..😩, I’m wondering if I should now? What do you guys think of fixing of artificial nails? Does it make a woman look sexier? 🤔😅

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