6-year-old math genius receives educational sponsorship from US

A 6-year-old mathematics genius has gotten sponsorship for his education as well as funding for his parents to start income-generating projects.

Charles Mbena who hails from rural Morogoro in Tanzania became an internet sensation when his teacher shared a video of him displaying mathematical prowess.

The little lad revealed that playing with numbers comes easy for him, something that makes his elder siblings come to him for help with arithmetic problem.

When he was interviewed by journalists, his biggest wish was that he is moved to a better school because the Nyingwa Primary School he currently attends suffers from poor infrastructure and low education standards.

Mbena’s story inspired many far and wide such that it evoked interest from Ernest Makulilo, a Tanzanian based in the United States who offered to pay the young boy’s school fees.

He said: “I want him to move to a boarding school in Morogoro where he will not only gain exposure and confidence but also hone his skills in mathematics.”

The Good Samaritan, who is the regional project director at Unbound and founder of EBM Scholars, added that on top of the school fees, his organisation would start income-generating projects for the boy’s parents.

He added: “We want to see how the parents will be funded in one way or the other to venture into farming or business so that the living standards of that household improve.”

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