Teenager who had no bump, didn’t know she was pregnant until she was in labour, gives birth at 17

A teenage girl, Siobhan Buchanan gives birth to a surprise baby at 17, without showing any symptoms of pregnancy.
According to the lady who resides in Scotland she still fits into her size 6 clothing when she was pregnant, had no bump and continued seeing her monthly period.

She noted that she had no reason to suspect she might be pregnant as she was having safe sex with then boyfriend Kieran Millar.
Narrating how she welcomed her surprise baby, she said,
Speaking further she revealed she had her first signs of pregnancy didn’t come until months later.
Siobhan’s back pain worsened and she was rushed to hospital when her waters broke.
Baby Oscar was successfully delivered and weighed in at 5lb 5oz, despite the surprise pregnancy, he was given a clean bill of health.

Post Comment “Mum kept saying my face was swollen and fat. As I’d also broken out in pimples, which wasn’t like me, she became convinced I was pregnant. I laughed and told her not to be ridiculous.
“Kieran and I used condoms and were extremely careful. Plus, my periods were regular so it was impossible.”
“Mum was shocked and kept saying I looked like I had glowing pregnancy skin. I told her to drop it.
“Soon after, I started to crave bagels and Irn-Bru. I looked at my stomach and it was completely flat. I knew I wasn’t pregnant.
“Mum was still adamant and she bought me two different brands of pregnancy tests again. To keep her quiet, I took them and again, they were negative”.
“Out of nowhere, I had a horrible pain in my back. I thought it was my uncomfortable chair. Later that night, at home, I kept complaining to my parents that my back was killing.
“Mum gave me some ibuprofen. Dad thought I might be constipated, I decided to just get an early night and sleep it off”.
“I dragged myself to the toilet and as I sat down, I felt a gush of water between my legs, I was so confused. Mum and Dad were out so I called them.
“I told them something was wrong and that I needed to go to the hospital.”
On reaching the hospital she was told she was having a baby – and she gave birth to little Oscar, now 23 months old, a matter of minutes later.
“To my shock, they took me to a maternity ward and did an ultrasound.
“Suddenly, I heard the thumping sound of a heartbeat. I looked at the screen and there was a baby.
“I was in labour. Before I could react, I felt burning between my legs and the nurses told me I was crowning.”
“The doctor explained that he’d been lying back to back, which is why I didn’t have a bump. For months, I’d mistaken spotting for light periods…
“I’d been using condoms with my boyfriend, had a flat stomach and had periods every month. I couldn’t believe I’d carried a baby for nine months without knowing. Thankfully, he was a healthy little boy.”
“My Mum quickly called Dad to tell him the news, I messaged Kieran. I said I’d had a baby and he was a dad. He thought I was joking but then it finally sunk in. He was gobsmacked.
“Sadly he was stuck at work, so he couldn’t come straight away. After five days, I took Oscar home and Kieran finally met him.
“After that, both our families rallied around us and got supplies. Kieran really got into being a dad but in time, we eventually broke up. He’s still an amazing father.” She added.

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