Ghanaian Football living legend Michael Essien has met a great lose of social media followers on the microblog; Instagram after publicly supporting LGBTQ+ and it quest for legalization the right of the group who calls themselves as marginalized group.

The former Black Stars Captain in an interview added his voice to the ongoing headed argument on whether the Ghanaian government should legalize LGBTQ+ in the country or not.

According to the former Chelsea player, the LGBTQ+ group has the right to practice their preferred sexual intimacy with which ever gender they want without anybody interfering in them.

After declaring his support for same sex practices, a huge number of his fans and followers on Instagram obviously Ghanaians who opposes the legalization of LGBTQ_ has un-followed him on Instagram.

Before Essien declared his support for the LGBTQ+ group, he had a huge following of 1.9M followers. However, that number has reduced to 1.4M as at Tuesday 2nd March, 2020 just few hours of going live on national television to declare his support for the LGBTQ+. was prompted by a tweet made by a twitter user identified as Mempeasem President who tweeted “Then Michael Essien get 1.9M before he post the trumu trumu thing , rydee he dey 1.4M .. Herh squad no dey joke like that.”

Unfortunately, by unexpectation of such unfortunate incident, did not take the previous number of followers of Michael Essien on his IG.

However, checking his current followers it is clear that he now has a total of 1.4M followers which we believe his number of followers has sharpely dwindle from the said number pronounced by Membeasem President.

The conversation on legalization of LGBTQ+ has seen a sudden call for action as the people who practices gay are seriously pushing and calling on the government to amend and country’s constitution and put in their right to practice gay in Ghana.

However, majority of Ghanaians have stood firmly to oppose the legalization of LGBTQ+ in the country.