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‘Giving Money To Women Who Are Not Your Wife, Mum, Daughter, Or Sister, Is Like Leaving Footprints By The Sea’ – Reno Omokri To Men

Nigerian author, Reno Omokri has likened the act of men giving money to ladies who are not their wives or relatives to leaving footprints by the by sea.

What he is suggesting is that since these ladies are not in anyway related to the man, they might ending up even appreciating these men.

He made this known in a recent tweet which reads;

“Dear men

Giving money to women who are not your wife, mum, daughter, or sister, is like leaving footprints by the sea. Waves will wipe them away. Their existence will be forgotten. Such women are never grateful. They believe they earned your money.

The mentality of some women is so perverted that once you tell them ‘I like you’, what registers in their minds is that you owe them money from that day onward. You inform them of your likeness for them, and next thing is a text ‘my rent is due.’”



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