Man gets heartbroken after finding out his girlfriend of two years has been sleeping with her ”social media friend”

A man has been left heartbroken after he discovered that his girlfriend of two years has been cheating on him.

He reportedly found out that his woman was sleeping with a man she flirts with on Instagram and it has been going on for about four months, however anytime he complained, she always brushed it aside saying it’s ”just social media”.

A Twitter user, @maxvayshia, who is a friend to the heartbroken man, shared the story on social media.

He said he had warned his friend about her but the man refused to heed advise. The relationship of two years has now ended.

@maxvayshia wrote;

”Lmao. Not funny but my friend just lost his 2-year old relationship after finding out that one of the guys his woman was flirting with on the IG comment sections (but always called it “just sm” during arguments) has actually been giving her steady backshots for the past 4 months.

”See, it’s just a relationship and not a marriage. It’s good to give your man or woman freedom but when you see things like this and the offending party is not listening and you become uncomfortable, just resign. It’s not just happenstance. It’s not just social media.

And i warned this guy several times oo. I was laughing at him on phone this morning but i will call him back this evening when he is calmer.”


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