Actress Juliet Ibrahim blasts Ghanaians kicking against gay people

Ghanian actress Juliet Ibrahim has slammed this kicking against the activities of gay in Ghana.

In a lengthy post shared on her social media page, the actress pointed instances gay are allowed to move and work freely in other countries.

According to the actress, who questions why people are not allowed to live free because of sexuality, Gays rarely records sexual harassment and rape.

She wrote: Shallow minds!!! if you are all ranting gibberish have traveled beyond your houses in Gahan you will understand that all over the world Gay are living freely and unde the law, basic human right is granted to them.

So, when your so-called politicans and family members travel to work and live abroad guess what? They are working and having gay as friends even their emloyers!

Before your family members send you some chicken change guess who pays them? Gays! You ‘re all bunches of uneducated poplle
ranting against them beacuse these people have done nothing wrong!

Who are you to judge human? you are busy quoting the Bible that speaks against judging others? You cawords and hypocrates will celebrate muderers, rapist, bad politicans, fake pastors, polygamist and many more but hate someone bacause of their sexuality? You all are sinners! so deal with it! Focus on taking yourself out of povertu first instead of fighting basic human right

If these people from #LGBT community hasn’t harrases anyone or raped anyone why the hell are you planning to rape them and attack them? Are you in any better than a monster and the devil himself? Brunch of sinners calling other sinners! Kwasiasem.

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