Lady sacked on her first day of work after asking her boss if ‘she can sit on his face’

Twitter user, identified as Dipo Awojide on the platform has shared the sad story of how a young lady lost her job on her first day of work.

According the Twitter user, the young lady who was recently employed was sacked on her first day at the office after asking a manager if “she stands a chance with him and can sit on his face”.

Dipo Awojide who doubles as a personal development coach and lecturer, revealed that the lady in question will be paid for one day after getting sacked, and disclosed that his firm will be putting out advert for the vacant position soon.

In his words,

“If you get to a new job please behave yourself. Don’t go and be shooting unnecessary romantic shots that can get you sacked!

How can you go and ask your male manager “you look so cute, do I stand a chance with you? Can I sit on your face” on the first day at your new job? Some of you are very bold but enjoy unnecessary wahala. Don’t you like your job? Now HR has been involved.

Be open about your romantic feelings but respect yourself in the workplace or you will get disciplined or sacked by HR.

Just been told that the girl has just been fired. She will get paid for one day. We are advertising her job soon”.

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