It took death to make a man discover that his girlfriend was actually married and has two kids unbeknownst to him.

The man has been dating the deceased for two years but what he never knew is the woman was married and had two kids already. According to a Twitter user, Veli Francis, the man who has an 8-month-old daughter with her, did not discover her other life until he went to her funeral and met her kids and husband.

Upon making the discovery, the young man fainted and has to be rushed to a nearby clinic.

The shearer of this story wrote on Twitter thus;

”My Childhood friend lost his girlfriend of two years, they had an 8month old beautiful baby girl. We went to the funeral & met her real husband with her two kids. My friend fainted, we took him..for first aid! Respect this Earth!!

”Our biggest question was “Who is the real father of the young girl?”

”She was employed in Nairobi but she would go to shagz every Friday evening after work. In Nairobi, she was living with my friend from Monday to Friday.

”Earth is a teacher!!”