A Civil Servant Oyeniyi Oyedepo told the Mapo Customary Court that he can’t continue his 14-year old marriage with his wife, Iyabo who always slaps him when he disciplines their children.

The father of four told the court that his wife has literally messed up their union. He said;

“Whenever I beat any of our children for misbehaving, Iyabo becomes offended and would slap me. She is so disobedient and rude,” 

Reacting to that, Iyabo also agreed to the divorce saying her husband is a womanizer and a wife beater. She said;

“Yes, I slapped him. But it was because he beat me up and told me to leave his home.Moreover, I want this marriage to end because I don’t love him anymore,”

Chief Ademola Odunade, the President of the court delivered a judgement where he advised the couple to remain patient because they could work out their differences. The court was adjourned until 6th April for further hearing.