“If marriage certificates were renewable, most men won’t renew it” – Actor, Kelvin Ikeduba sparks debate

A popular Nollywood actor, Kelvin Ikeduba has stirred up a whole lot of reactions by a controversial post he recently made.

Men Wont Renew Certificate

The famous Nollywood star, took to his Instagram account with over 600 thousand followers to make a funny and controversial assertion. According to Kelvin, while speaking on the issue of marriage said that if the marriage certificate just like the driver’s license was meant to expire and subsequently require renewal, most men would not renew it.

This assertion has stirred up reactions from different angles, while others supported his statement, others debunked his position as a mere assertion that lacks basis.

Below is the post he made:


See reactions from people:

Men Wont Renew CertificateMen Wont Renew Certificate

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